My Health/Fitness Transformation

Anyone about to or even thinking about embarking on their first F45 challenge or any other fitness/health challenge for that matter anytime soon..YOU CAN DO IT!! My before photo was taken in May 2017 the day before my first and what was only meant to be my only  F45 8 week challenge which ended up… Continue reading My Health/Fitness Transformation

Mind, Soul

The Power of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is easily mistaken as a weakness. A misconception on our part where we enable our ego to shine in all of its pride, anger, blame and resentment. We’ve all been victim to hurt and abuse in varying degrees. Whether it is actively directed towards us, witnessed or acted upon by one's self. Acknowledging and… Continue reading The Power of Forgiveness

Mind, Soul

How to Prevent Toxic Situations From Hindering Your Self-Growth

Self-growth is a beautiful journey that we all most certainly deserve to do for ourselves. When we consciously grow to love ourselves and value the person we truly are, we elevate ourselves to align our external experiences with our highest good. Through this journey you will progressively realise what makes you truly happy and what… Continue reading How to Prevent Toxic Situations From Hindering Your Self-Growth