Bacon & Zucchini Slice😍

INGREDIENTS: 2 Medium Zucchinis Grated1 Large carrot grated1 Onion finely sliced1 Garlic clove finely crushed250gm Bacon Rashers chopped as thin or thick as you like.6 Eggs beaten1/4 Cup milk1 Tbs of dried parsley1 Cup wholemeal self-raising flour1/4 Cup grated light cheese1 Tsp of salt1 Tbs butter METHOD:preheat oven to 160 degrees. 1. Heat butter in… Continue reading Bacon & Zucchini Slice😍

Body, Mind, Soul

Self-Love Poem by Lang Leav

SELF LOVE Once when I was running,from all that haunted me;to the dark I was succumbing-to what hurt unbearably.Searching for the one thing,that would set my sad soul free.In time I stumbled upon it,an inner calm and peace;and now I am beginning,to see and to believe,in who I am becoming-and all I've yet to be-Lang… Continue reading Self-Love Poem by Lang Leav

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If Falling in Love is What You Want, You Will Need to Remove the Safety Nets and Risk the Fall.

To love is one thing, but to allow yourself to fall in love is foreign to most of us, why? Because it literally requires you free fall into the unknown. What can be found in the unknown can take you anywhere from the depths of ultimate heartbreak to something beautiful and fulfilling. The perceived risk… Continue reading If Falling in Love is What You Want, You Will Need to Remove the Safety Nets and Risk the Fall.


4 Ingredient Energy Cookies Recipe

🍌🍪4 Ingredient Energy Cookies🍪🍌 INGREDIENTS•2 Medium Ripe Bananas (substitute with lady finger bananas for a little more natural sweetness)•1 Tbs Coconut Oil (I used MCT oil for an extra brain boost)•1/2 Cup Quick Oats•1 1/2 scoop of Vanilla Protein Powder (I used Happy Way Vanilla Vegan Protein Powder) METHOD ▪︎Preheat oven to 160 degrees celsius.▪︎Blend… Continue reading 4 Ingredient Energy Cookies Recipe

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💪•Won’t Stop, Can’t Stop Moving•💪

Due to the unfortunate closure of gym centres, now is not the time to stop exercising too! in fact it's the perfect time to start moving people if it's not a usual for you. We're not all fortunate to have home fitness equipment but really it's not needed, our body weight is all we need… Continue reading 💪•Won’t Stop, Can’t Stop Moving•💪


Pan-Fried Gnocchi w/Pumpkin & Spinach

INGREDIENTS: 500gm Pre-cooked Gnocchi (store bought or homemade).3-4 Garlic Cloves finely chopped.3 Tbs of Butter200gm Roasted Pumpkin1 Handful of fresh basil leaves roughly chopped.2 Handfuls of fresh spinach leaves.1-2 tbs grated parmesan cheese and more to serve.Salt & Pepper to taste. METHOD: In a skillet, saute garlic in the butter over a medium heat.Add the… Continue reading Pan-Fried Gnocchi w/Pumpkin & Spinach