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I didn’t know how to let love in until now – By Lynn Reilly

“Most of us are carrying around insecurities in relationships due to our experiences growing up. We’re scared of being hurt or rejected, and it’s tempting to close down—to shut love out so it can’t be taken away. But we need to trust that opening our hearts is worth the risk, and that even if someone leaves us, we can fill the hole in our heart with our own self-love and compassion.” ~Lynn Reilly


4 thoughts on “I didn’t know how to let love in until now – By Lynn Reilly”

    1. It really resonated with me too and is just so well written♡

      I’m sorry to hear about your Mum Tara, I lost my father a few years ago and understand the absence you feel but i’d say she’s always with you hun😘

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