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To Love Others Without Condition, You Need To Love Yourself Unconditionally First❤

To love without judgement, expectation or concern of the benefit it has to you is unconditional love. Appreciating and accepting another human being as they are is love in its purest form.

To love unconditionally is an active choice which extends from first loving ourselves. Without recognising and healing our own insecurities, fears, unworthiness and expectations we are in no capacity able to fully accept, forgive and love another person when we’re lacking internally to the same degree.

Without self-love or at least the awareness of it, we will potentially find ourselves mistaking the act of loving unconditionally by enabling negative behaviour which we would otherwise discern and act upon in order to serve a positive impact in our lives.

The ability to compassionately love, forgive and accept another isn’t always easy for many reasons, regardless, the ability to do so is a sure-fire sign of the genuine growth and emotional maturity one has developed from understanding, accepting and loving what inherently attributes to them as a person.

Love, Glenda


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