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Emotional Expression Through Journaling

Feeling stressed, sad, angry, goal driven or perhaps just really happy? 

Remember the days we used to keep a diary as a child? “Dear diary…..” for me those two words ensue the mental imagery of our teenage selves expressing school experiences in an animated diary under what we didn’t know was a faux lock & key in the privacy of our parents home.

As we’ve grown older, so has the level in responsibility and stress.

Research suggests that there is merit in emotionally expressive writing so it is a shame we stopped being so childish.
Journaling is incredibly grounding, a cheap therapeutic method to release pent up emotions throughout stressful or heightened experiences.

Written expression clarifies thoughts and feelings all while gaining valuable self-knowledge, reducing stress, problem solving and letting go of disagreements with others.
All you need is a pen, paper, a safe space and your truth without judgement. Just try it once and see what it does for you… Check out @sophiethinksthoughts for more details on the tips below to start the life changing practice – www.self.com/story/how-to-start-a-journalling-practice

1.Make a regular habit of it.
2. Keep your journal close by.
3. Turn to your journal in moments of need.
4. Make your journal a judgement-free zone.


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