My Health/Fitness Transformation

Anyone about to or even thinking about embarking on their first F45 challenge or any other fitness/health challenge for that matter anytime soon..YOU CAN DO IT!!
My before photo was taken in May 2017 the day before my first and what was only meant to be my only  F45 8 week challenge which ended up extending out for another 18 months.


I was reluctant to post this just like I had been  many times before, mostly because the person I was in the before photo saddens me. Not just because of my physical appearance, for I was still perceived to be within a healthy range it was more so that I didn’t realise that I lacked self-love and worth back then, unaware of who I really was, what I was capable of and what I could achieve for my mental, physical and spiritual health.
For anyone interested in the stats, overall I went from 67kg to 55kg over a one year period and have managed to stay within 55kg-57kg since May 18 by maintaining a relatively healthy diet on my own and training at least 3-5 times a week. However, how much I weigh isn’t my motivator to being healthy. Where I have gone wrong in the past with health and fitness is by beginning with a negative body image mind-set, when you try to lose weight quickly for an event so everyone can see how awesome you look or set goals to look as good as particular women on social media or the belief that if you just lose 10kg you will be happy may see the result you want to see but maintaining that result is where you will see most fail.
Taking the first step to make a positive change in your life is an achievement in itself! But when you are making this decision for you and only for you, because you know you deserve to be the healthiest version you can be is where you create a lifestyle change. Commitment to any health or fitness regime will see some type of physical change and we’re all easily
airbrush_201902031805597353091040306742595.jpgdiscouraged if we don’t see the dramatic results we may have initially set on ourselves, better yet let go of the expectations and change your goals from losing 5kg to just simply feeling healthier or stronger. Your transformation truly starts from within and trust me your body will follow.
Where you’re treating yourself with self-love by nourishing your body with good food and physical activity you expose yourself to gain a sense of self-confidence and positive body image you probably didn’t realise you could have and I can honestly say from experience that although I am very proud of the weight I lost and muscle gained it is far outweighed by the physical and mental strength, confidence and positivity I have gained.


Getting fit isn’t about acceptance.  Getting fit is about loving yourself. The real finish line isn’t the number on the scales, it’s the point in your life where no-one and nothing can bring you down because you no longer see yourself as second best.


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