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How to Prevent Toxic Situations From Hindering Your Self-Growth

Self-growth is a beautiful journey that we all most certainly deserve to do for ourselves. When we consciously grow to love ourselves and value the person we truly are, we elevate ourselves to align our external experiences with our highest good. Through this journey you will progressively realise what makes you truly happy and what no longer serves you. You become consciously aware of the experiences you have chosen, why you made these choices which will potentially expose some hard truths about yourself. Were these choices based on fear? were they driven by created beliefs? or perhaps you were conditioned to make particular choices to gain approval by someone or perhaps you placed someone else’s happiness above your own? Ultimately, it is your life and in your control only. You always have the choice to which direction your life goes and it starts with loving yourself.

Self-growth begins with self-love, the love you express to yourself benefits you and the external world. How you ask? Because our energy is always projected outwardly attracting the people and experiences we believe we deserve to have in our lives. Therefore, it is in our best interest go within and work on self-love in order to grow and attract fulfilling life experiences. You know you’re there when you realise you don’t need to rely on anything or anyone else to provide that happiness for you, it is always within us if we choose to open ourselves to it.

When you reach a level of self-growth, you become aware of what is a positive and negative influence in your life and it is this self-awareness that is a powerful tool. This self-awareness is intuitive and once you learn to trust this inner-guide it will lead you towards a more fulfilling life.

There are going to be times when you are fully aware of the negative aspects in your life and can easily eliminate it from your life. Then there are the situations that you can’t easily avoid, but how can you possibly continue to grow and stay positive if you’re challenged by negative situations? Well you will need to reassess your perspective and shift your mindset to a place where these situations can be seen as blessings in disguise which they are. These situations will test your ego and fears and ultimately challenge you and your new found truth. They are lessons to be grateful for, for they are opportunities to learn more about yourself, find courage and strength encouraging further self-growth.

Below are three tips that may help you on your own journey to maintain positive energy in situations that can potentially harm your self-worth and happiness.



Honour yourself and stop taking on other people’s criticism and judgement as truth. No one can know you better than you do, so why would we ever believe that someone else could possibly know us better or

what we are capable of. Now, I am all for constructive criticism and I think we all know when advice or suggestions are coming from a good place. However, I am more so referring to those times that leave you doubting your worth, feeling guilty, blamed or just all-round miserable. I whole heartedly believe when someone judges you, it has more to do with that person than the person it is directed at. Unfortunately, there are people in this world who will intentionally try to knock you down, and others do it un-intentionally because of the way they are programmed to treat others. Either way, you should assess what it is you’re feeling at the time, acknowledge the negative emotion you are experiencing and let go of that negativity while reassuring yourself what you know is true and continue to thrive on that belief. The power you harness within you is yours only, and only you can decide if you want to give it away.


We can talk about other people judging and criticising us but at the same time we have the tendency to do it ourselves fuelling doubt, unworthiness and unhappiness within us. When you find self-love and feel content with yourself you will notice you won’t seem to resonate with criticism or judgement of others anymore, mainly because this negative behaviour stems from a self-created belief system and low self-worth. When we get sucked into a vortex of gossip we are expressing jealousy, anger and whatever else towards someone else at their expense. Essentially, we’re just conforming with people who outwardly direct these negative words masking their own issues of insecurity, doubt & unworthiness. Think about the last time you judged someone, now reflect on that and think deeply about why you thought about someone else like that. If you’re being truthful you will find a link to something you don’t like about yourself, something you wish you had or just a negative aspect in your life that is easily triggered. But again, these situations are an opportunity to educate ourselves on what issues we need to heal within ourselves.


As you continue to grow to a higher level of positivity, the happiness and self-confidence you emanate will involuntarily cause some people in your life to fall away, this will happen naturally as they no longer meet your positive energetic vibration anymore. But then there are the relationships that you have deep ties in such as friendships or lovers that you have invested a considerable of time in or people you can’t avoid like your family. Or there are colleagues and bosses that aren’t easily avoidable so long as you are earning money within the organisation. It is these type of influences that will truly test you and how you choose to perceive the situation, respond or take action is testament to the level of self-love you have for yourself. You can let these toxic situations take control of you and create disharmony within yourself and others, but why should you drain yourself to that and wallow in misery. In toxic relationships, you need to trust what is felt in your heart and better yet let it guide you. If you feel you are being mistreated, disrespected or just deserving or something more uplifting and fulfilling, look within and respond in ways that serve you rather resorting

to self-blame and unworthiness. Find courage and speak up for yourself, express how you’re feeling and obviously how the respective person chooses to react is completely up to them but you will have satisfaction in knowing you aligned your actions with your truth. If it’s a heated argument, walk away momentarily to balance out your emotions or if you are in a situation where it’s a consistent struggle to maintain your self-love and worth, then find courage to permanently let go of these people in your life. If someone doesn’t value and love you for the person you are they will persistently show you this, and if you continue to let it keep being projected to you, you will eventually start believing this about yourself too. As mentioned earlier, the negative behaviour people express is a projection of their own issues and therefore it imperative to reflect on these situations and remind yourself of your own worth and what is your truth. It is in this space that you will respond from a place of love and understanding. Be true to yourself and act accordingly, when you can manage to keep your head high in these situations whilst they still exist to play a role in your life. By remaining true to yourself, self-love permeates through you and will radiate a self-happiness that no one can take away from you.giving up

Love, Glenda

Negativity…it can only affect you if you are on the same frequency. Vibrate Higher.

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